Monday, 10 November 2008

Zaptag introduce Wellness to their system

Zaptag have recently introduced a Wellness side to their system, allowing you to record personal wellness information such as weight, blood pressures and sugars together with exercise taken and targets, which can then be displayed using our graph applications online. This service, along with the existing medical record management can now be enjoyed free of charge, as Zaptag online is now a subscription free service. Visit to subscribe.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Zaptag partners with Rushcliff in the UK to make patient records available online

Online streaming of electronic patients records will empower patients and deliver significant benefits in the UK as Zaptag announces the recent integration with Rushcliff Ltd, a leading supplier of patient management software in the UK. The partnership will enable Rushcliff scan centres, physiotherapists and private doctors, to deliver seamless streaming of health information directly to their customers’ secure online medical record. The contract represents Zaptag’s first integration with health organisations. Records can be sent straight from the doctor’s desktop to a patient’s online Zaptag account at Consultation notes, images and scans can then be immediately available.

Zaptag offers a personal health management portal that consolidates medical information from multiple sources to create a complete medical history that can be stored, managed and accessed securely online. The optional USB Medical card can synchronize fully with the patient’s online account, enabling health information to be readily available.

Ian Gallifant CEO of Zaptag Ltd comments: “We are changing the way people control their health information and the integration with Rushcliff is our first step in enabling patients to benefit from having online access to their clinical records.”

There continues to be increasing global interest in empowering patients to manage their health records. Zaptag plan to integrate with a number of health providers by the start of Q1 2009, which will certainly deliver clear patient benefits in the UK. A recent BBC report highlighted findings in the Health Service Journal, that in the UK thousands of appointments are taking place in NHS hospitals without the patients’ records. Across 49 hospitals, 54,000 outpatient appointments took place with no records. A key benefit for patients managing their records online is the opportunity to share information with designated health professionals.

John Upson from Rushcliff Limited comments: “This is an exciting partnership for us. Not just for the added benefits Zaptag gives to PPS but also for the real benefits Zaptag gives to the individual. Thanks to Zaptag, clinics using our software can now offer their patients instant online access to their medical records. We see this as the way forward in medical record keeping”

Zaptag ultimately empowers patients to take control of their health.
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About Zaptag

Based in the UK, Zaptag delivers the capability for individuals to be able to take ownership of and build their complete medical history. Our personal health management portal empowers our customers to control and use their medical information. Aggregating clinical records from multiple sources across multiple technologies, our system combines the functionality of the existing personal health records solutions with the ability to stream clinical data.

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About Rushcliff

Rushcliff Ltd was founded in 1997. Its Private Practice Software (PPS) is its flagship product. It is a Patient and Practice Administration software package and is developed and owned entirely by Rushcliff Ltd. PPS is used by more than 1250 clinics in the UK alone.

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